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GTA Online Cosplay

Before I start talking about GTA, I wanted to say “HEISTS ARE COMING!” We finally have a date (March 10), after which we will be able to do the online heists. Since these require four members to do, and our clan (GTBL: The Gamers’ Table) has several, I’ve got permission to offer that anyone out there on PS3 who wants some Heist partners, please feel free to get in contact. I’m dykevadr on PS3, and if you mention the GTBL code in your Friend request, I’ll get you added right away. We’re a group of adults, and can be relied on not to be assholes, jerks, racists, or use any slurs. We play almost exclusively in Closed Crew servers. You can also send Friend requests if you don’t play GTA, of course; I also play various other PS3 games, and am usually happy to join in some online play if it’s available.

Anyway, to the cosplay! I’ve mentioned this a couple of times, and I need to spend some more time getting other people to take pictures of me, because the results are so much better than selfies. Still, here’s a few of the ones I’ve been able to put together so far. Only one small bit of post-GTA modification: I made motoko’s hair a bit more purple in the second shot (on the bike).

kusanagi motoko of ghost in the shell

kusanagi motoko, from Ghost in the Shell


kusanagi motoko, from ghost in the shell, on a Hakuchou; the word “death” is in white kanji on the lower front part of the cowl

six from bsg with a car looking like a cylon raider

Caprica Six with her Raider – BSG’s Cylon beauty

wonderwoman cosplay

And my most successful, despite being wrong in several ways – Wonder Woman!

More as I can get them photographed, preferably by someone else (the light’s bad in my apartment, and there’s a shortage of mirrors!): I have Zoe from Firefly, Amy and Leela from Futurama, Alex from A Clockwork Orange, Winry from Fullmetal Alchemist, and I’m working on Starbuck and Boomer/Eight from Battlestar Galactica, the eponymous characters from Thelma & Louise, and Agent Carter from Marvel’s Agent Carter.

If you’ve got any suggestions for outfits you’d like to see me try and put together, please comment. When I’ve covered all the women’s outfits I want, I’ve also got a male character I’ll be dressing up.