About the Expansion Board

The Expansion Board is intended to be a longer-form, more in-depth look into some of the same games looked at on The Gamers’ Table Youtube channel, as well as other writing about gaming in general – mostly board gaming, but occasionally video gaming and other types.

The main author for TEB is Cait, a longtime friend of all the guys who appear on the Gamers’ Table show (shout out to Craig, Chris, and Ken!). Cait’s been gaming since her Dad bought her a copy of Avalon Hill’s War at Sea when she was 10 (1976). This was followed by the original Dungeons & Dragons box set, then an Atari 2600, and through 38 years since, hundreds more. These range from the simplest (Cthulhu 500) to some of the most complex war games made (Advanced Squad Leader and Star Fleet Battles). These days, she’s playing a lot of Arkham Horror, Firefly, and GTA Online on her PS3.


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