Welcome to the Expansion Board

Hi, and welcome to the Expansion Board, a blog to look at gaming in various forms, running alongside The Gamers’ Table.

You can expect to find reviews of games (such as my extensive review of Firefly: the Board Game, coming tomorrow), suggestions for tips and tactics, ideas for add-ons (like our Torchwood team of characters for Arkham Horror) and new ways to play games (look for my Scarier Arkham Horror tips later this week), and other game-related stuff.

Please take a moment to read the Comment Policy before you get started commenting.

Hope you enjoy the work, and feel free to spread the word if you do.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Expansion Board

  1. Donald Maddox

    Thanks for the very comprehensive review, I’m normally more of the role play/ miniature war game type, however your review gives me the impression that Firefly (big fan of the show) has a very Travellar
    feel to it and I will give it a try.


    1. fullmetalfeminist Post author

      I’m glad you found it useful. Traveller’s not a bad comparison; ever since I saw the first episode (Serenity, the double-length one), where Wash hits the boost while saying “Hang on, travelers!”, I’ve wondered whether that was an inside joke. I mean, ex-military with varied skills and surplus materials, sublight movement, a ship with clearly marked and upgradable modules. So saying that the board game reminds of Traveller is probably a pretty good comparison.

      I’ve played a lot of games over the years, from SPI monster games and Advanced Squad Leader, through D&D of all sorts and Villains & Vigilantes, to Cthulhu 500! and Apples to Apples. Done a bit of game design, little published yet, though, mostly refining other people’s work. But I hope you’ll find enough to make it worth coming back. 🙂



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